Serious Sam 2 viene aggiornato dopo 15 anni

Per celebrare i 20 anni di Serious Sam, insieme all’enorme aggiornamento di Serious Sam 4, Croteam ha pubblicato un nuovo aggiornamento di Serious Sam 2 (2005). Creato da uno dei modder di spicco di Serious Sam 2 e dai membri di lunga data di Croteam Nathan Brown, questo aggiornamento offre una serie di miglioramenti al gameplay, oltre a 12 mappe multiplayer inedite.

Questo il changelog completo:

Serious Sam 2 Update 2.90

  • Sam can now wield a brand new weapon called the BeamGun (aka The Ghost Buster from the original Serious Sam design document)
  • Enemy multiplier option is now available in singleplayer and co-op. Go, create your own Legion System in Serious Sam 2.
  • Duke it out on 12 previously unreleased multiplayer maps, coming to you straight from the dusty basement at Croteam HQ. Those include Yodeller, Stadium, Hole, Desert Temple, and more.
  • A brand new Flame-Thrower weapon is now available to all you modders out there, and so is the napalm item, so you can feed it.
  • Sam finally learned to dual wield all of his toys. That’s pretty cool if I do say so myself.
  • You know what else is cool? The ability to sprint. Well, Sam can do that now, too.
  • He can also Rocket Jump, just like in the classics.
  • Get lost no more with the brand new Enemy, NPC, and Objective radar.

Stability and performance fixes:

  1. Fixed the notorious profile corruption issue. It’s been five million years, but we got there.

Gameplay changes and fixes:

  • The RollerBall in “The Road to Ursul” level will no longer self destroy!
  • Uzis firing speed has been doubled and the damage per bullet reduced from 10 to 9. Such balance!
  • Fixed statistics menu not showing correctly when skipping movies.
  • Colt Reloading has been added.

Visual changes:

  • Hud, menu, and mic textures have been upscaled by 2x!
  • All fonts are now available in shiny high definition, thanks to the House Of Sam.
  • Improved animations for the Chainsaw, Rocket, and Grenade launchers.
  • Screen and Bullets animation fix for Minigun.
  • Menu fonts no longer force proportional shadow direction and shadow distance in the menu parameters.
  • Fixed mapping for the Uzi weapon mesh.
  • Fixed mapping for the Minigun weapon mesh.

General changes:

  • Crosshair selection has been added, and it comes with different color and size options!
  • New menu image and menu music have been added!
  • Added a new “Special Thanks” section to the Extras menu.
  • MODDING – Added the ability to specify mouse cursors.
  • MODDING – Added saved cvars to show/hide the cheats info, and paused message.
  • MODDING – Added debug menu available in the editor to control debug variables. Invoked with the ‘.’ key.
  • MODDING – Added “sam_bSkipMovies” saved cvar to skip the level intro and outro movies. Applies during gameplay and also stops the menu “attract” movies from playing.
  • MODDING – Added visible version of Entity ID to the Serious Editor 2 entity properties panel.
  • MODDING – Added ability to specify mouse cursors (In the Serious Editor).

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