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Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates 





Rise of Incarnates is known as a freemium Action-packed MOBA and Co-Op Multiplayer Top-Down Shooter and Hack and Slash video game. The game will make you love it with a wonderful combination of Hack and Slash and Shooting and transforming elements for you to enjoy in a truly out of this world experience. And while playing Rise of Incarnates, you will step yourself into a great arena like combats and fight off the enemies by the use of futuristic weapons, hack and the slash tools and transform according to the situation by the use of your special abilities.


Rise of Incarnates

During this gameplay, there is a variety of PvP or PvE events that you can take part in either alone or team up with your buddies and struggle against the enemies all together with customizable characters, skills, mythic abilities, and powers to complete the mission in the best way.

A list of Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates is waiting for you to explore. They will brighten up your day. Thus, let’s join us to see what’s inside below!


1.Battle of the Immortals

The first game in the Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates is Battle of the Immortals. The game is being introduced by Perfect World Entertainment, Battle of the Immortals is a 3D, Fantasy-based, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Role-playing video game. And all that you gotta do from the beginning is hunting incredible monsters, completing quests as well as battling against other playing all around the world that earns you XP points.


Battle of the Immortals

You will be able to select one from five available character classes including Slayer, Heretic, Magus, Champion, and Berzerker. And no matter which class you choose, you will receive your character’s unique skills, attributes, and equipment as well. Then the staple features like Pets Systems, Mount Systems, Auto-Navigation Quest System and PvP Combat Arena. 

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2. Shards of War

The second game in the Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates is Shards of War. The game is made by Bigpoint Games, which is a wonderful sci-fi, action-adventure, and MOBA video game. This great game is held in a Dystopian future world and you are allowed to participate in any of the two teams, five members goes against the comprehensive enemy, the Warrior and enemy turrets, proceed to the Outposts and headquarters of the enemy and destroy them to win in the epic battle. The game has 20 minutes of fast-paced PvP and helps you get rid of the traditional liquid-Lane and you are allowed to use guns and bullets instead of swords and magic, etc. 


Shards of War


3. Prime World

The third game in the Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates is Prime World. The game stands out for the most unique and immersive MOBA genre game of all time. Prime World will make you impressed and loves it by its advanced mechanics, unique game-play and a lot of other cool feature. And while playing the game, you can embark yourself on amazing team-based battles, also can build castles and take down them against the enemies in arena-based combats, gain experience points, collect resources and upgrades etc.


Prime World


4. Cronix Online

The next game in the Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates is Cronix Online. The game is an Action-based game-play, which is a superb new Action-Adventure and MOBA video game. The game happens in the far future.

According to the game, there is a war occurred and broke out after the resources nearly ended on a worldwide scale. And the cataclysmic events of the game that took place afterward, pushed the human populace near the levels of extinction. Then there is a battlefield in the whole world and everybody starts out to look for himself/herself and struggle for the survival. As if you played Smite, League of Legends and Shards of War before, it is easy for you to understand and dive into the game.


Cronix Online


5. Awesomenauts

The fifth game in the Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates is Awesomenauts. The game is created by the popular Ronimo Games, Awesomenauts is available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, Windows and Mac platforms, is considered as a fantastic genre to the heights of excitement as well as the great 2D MOBA game with cross-platform playability. And while playing Awesomenauts, you will dive into the Distant Future environment.

According to the game, while controlling your mercenary characters, you must engage yourself in some epic battles between the two teams, Red and Blue. Awesomenauts then also lets you enjoy on 3v3 Combats and 2D Side-Scrolling gameplay with easy controls to play. 




6. Supernova

The following game in the Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates is Supernova. Supernova has a Sci-Fi setting and combination with MOBA elements beautifully to offer a truly remarkable experience. And at the beginning of the game, you can select your own favorite character from many Unique Champion characters available with over multiple types of characters such as Aliens, Humanoids, and Battle Mechs.



The game not only having the fantastic MOBA elements, but also Supernova has RTS elements as well and gives the genre back to its core aesthetics and lets the player has a beautiful and totally amazing experience ever. And the special of the game is 5v5 combats and some highlight points such as Creeps, multiple Lanes, and loads of different types of Neutral Monsters, etc. Of course, while playing the game, you can enjoy with a resource collection and management available in the game supported versatility in the gameplay as the creeps.

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7.Super Monday Night Combat

The seventh game in the Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates is Super Monday Night Combat. This is a fantastic Free to play MOBA video game. The game mixes the smart Third-person Shooting elements with a crazy good experience ever to challenge you with multiple tasks.


Super Monday Night Combat

The game will let you choose any of the two leading teams. Right after that, you will take part in the match by following the standard MOBA rules, choose the best skills and abilities and enjoy the gameplay. The primary mission while playing the game is to attack the enemy's base (Moneyball) and destroy it to earn experience points and Gold that you can use later to buy upgrades and stuff.  


8.Adventure Time: Battle Party

The last game in the Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates is Adventure Time: Battle Party. The game will let you in a unique yet amazing and quite exciting combination of Adventure Time Characters and MOBA elements. With the Adventure Time: Battle Party, you can try in Browser-based playability with a variety of challenging gameplay that truly is fantastic as compared to a lot of other MOBA video games.


Adventure Time: Battle Party

Adventure Time: Battle Party then gives you an opportunity to select between your friends, random online players, and AIs to fight on any of the two main game maps. And you can enjoy the game both in Two and a One Lane combat system with many different types of Monsters on them at various locations.


Final Verdict:

The list of Top 8 Games like Rise of Incarnates will totally meets your requirement. But, if it is not enough for you, let’s head to to find out more information.

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