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Quake IV - False Dawn Mod


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False Dawn è una campagna SP di un oretta circa, che continua la storia dopo il termine di Quake IV, coinvolgento il marine parzialmente stroggificato in nuove avventure:






False Dawn is set a number of years after the events of Quake 4, where you assume the role of the best of a new breed of soldier, the Stroggified Marine. You can go where no regular human can and have been called upon to save humanity from the threat of a mysterious new super weapon developed by the vicious Strogg!

Some key features include:

  • Modern Visual Fidelity: Powered by purpose built version of the immensely popular Sikkmod. False Dawn brings Quake 4 into 2014 with contemporary visual effects techniques designed specifically for the mod.
  • Meaningful Story: Get engrossed in a plot to destroy humanity that is not as black and white as it may first appear.
  • Full Voice acting: The player is guided by their helpful Commanding Officer General Nokes. However, for an unknown reason the player also seems to intercept transmissions between a duo of powerful Strogg's that are clearly not meant for human ears.
  • New Health system: Use Stroyent, The Stroggs own energy source against them!
  • New Weapon Damage system: Machineguns/Shotguns might decimate soft, fleshy targets, but you will need something more powerful to penetrate the armor of the very well equipped Strogg Forces!
  • Guided Non-Linear Gameplay: You have multiple objectives to complete, in whatever order you want. Change the enemies and hazards you will face based on which objectives you complete.

























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