Paradox ha rilasciato la nuova espansione “Mare Nostrum” per Europa Universalis IV. Questa espansione è venduta a 14,99€ su Steam , e esce in concomitanza con la patch 1.16 del gioco. Comunque qui sotto vi lascio i cambiamenti più importanti che questa espansione porterà al gioco, se vorreste saperli tutti andate qui

Main Features 

  • Map Sharing: This is a new diplomatic action, where you can ask other nations for their map of a certain region.
  • Naval Missions: New mission system makes it easier to send your fleets to a region, and expect them to survive.
  • Barbary Raids: North AfricanMuslim states can raid the coastlines of their neighbors for gold and sailors.
  • Trade Leagues: Band together and form Trade Leagues for common defence and, more importantly, common riches.
  • Condottieri: Nations can rent their armies out to fight in other people’s wars, earning valuable coin for the realm.